1365 Relation Relations.


Generally speaking, nobody cares if you fool around with a cousin who is related by marriage. At least where I am from. Some places, and in some families, however, it’s a big deal. Also it seems to be a problem for people who don’t understand how genetics and family titles work. (In my experience.) For some, as soon as a familial bond is expressed those people are off limits. As though the contractual bonds of marriage matter in a genetic sense. I’ve noticed that this has slowly become more of a “thing” as scientific literacy has declined. At least that seems to be a correlation. I can’t back this up with facts. It could be caused by something else that I’m just not seeing.
All that said, fooling around with your new cousin would probably be looked upon as poor form in a family like Reggie’s. And fair enough says I. It could cause undue trouble on a day that is not about you and your genitals. That pretty much boils down to how uptight the gathering is, and I think we can safely assume that Reggie’s clan is uptight enough that he’d just as soon not make an issue of the whole thing. At the same time he’s not ashamed, per se. Nor does he look upon Veronica as cheap or easy. Something he might well do if he was an outside observer. He has certainly shown that he holds a few chivalrous beliefs concerning gender relations.
Evrina is just making a big deal out of the whole thing out of spite. Testing the fence for weakness as it were. Hoping that someone will join in and back her up. She continues to pick her battles poorly.

Anyway, I think Friday is the comic’s 9th birthday. The official posting day for this page. Nine years ago the webcomic landscape was very different. There were tons of new titles appearing all at once. Sprite comics roamed the land unfettered, destroying good taste wherever they went. Penny Arcade told almost no jokes about being a parent. Wapsi Square was about normal people who were in a band. VG Cats’s update schedule wasn’t yearly. Shortpacked! Had a lot more jokes about Batman TAS, and still existed. Scott Kurtz & Kris Straub would wrassle hobos for a dollar, MasterBlaster style. People were amazed that women had the mental faculties to not only like comics, but also create them! (I guess that hasn’t changed…) Everybody had a podcast. Everybody else was spending their spare time telling people how much their comics sucked. Heady times.

I’m finally getting to a point where the comic makes enough money that I can put money back in to doing the comic better and faster. Which comes down pretty much to you guys reading and direct support from patrons. Like when I realized I was going to have to find a new drawing software I was able to just buy some. I didn’t have to scrounge around for a stolen copy, or whatever. I mean I still managed to get it for half price, but that’s another issue. I’m not going to pay more than I have to. XD
This year I’m hoping to get some kind of tablet computer that will allow me to work on things when I can’t be at my regular work area. It would really help with all the extra stuff I need to do.

I can also do things like go to the doctor without worrying that all my money will be gone forever. Maybe I can even get my truck serviced someday.

The long and the short of things is that my life is better now because of you guys and I genuinely appreciate that. You’ve made making this comic seem worthwhile when people were telling me I was terrible and should kill myself. It is a lot harder to be supportive of things than to mock them. The world is generally cruel and openly expressing thanks, or support, or whatever you want to call it, is often looked down on. But when someone emails me to tell me something I made helped them see that life was worth living it’s not just me who deserves credit for that. Every person who ever told me that Between Failures made them happy, or they looked forward to reading it, or whatever little thing they said that helped me keep going when things seemed pointless, helped save that person too. I get to entertain, teach, and help people because you guys make it possible. The kindnesses you do for me ripple out from me to people you will likely never know. The world is a little better every day for someone, somewhere, because you took the time to support something you enjoyed.

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world” – Shakespeare

Happy birthday.