1366 Like A Diamond.


Reggie is forgetting to be Reggie as he thinks about this woman who meant so much to him… and maybe Evrina is too.

Some spoilers for Dragonball Z Battle Of The Gods may follow. I finally got around to watching said movie. I really enjoyed it. It felt like one of those wrap up episodes the show used to do between arcs. The best thing though, Vegeta’s reaction to Bulma being hurt. I was like “ALL THE FAN COMICS ARE TRUE!!!!” Second best thing? Shipping Trunks with Mai. She was one of the best parts of the kid Goku years. I want them to get married and have little 1/4 Sayain babies. Or whatever the fraction would be.

I had a really nice birthday supper, in spite of the fact that the site had a freak out that tons of people told me about, but my host never noticed apparently. I hadn’t seen at least one of the attendees for 6 years or so. For just a minute I remembered the world that made the comic happen in the first place. My friends are super exceptional and I miss them a lot more than I let on.

My birthday present is a down payment on some kind of tablet computer I can use to work on the move. Which I will be making payments on for all eternity probably. XD I haven’t decided for sure what thing I’m going to get, but I can’t get a Companion because they are gone, I guess. I’m leaning toward a Surface 3, since the Companion appears not to be an option. I’ve read a lot of reviews and it seems like this is the best course of action. Hopefully it will allow me to get work done faster and basically never stop working. XD Anyway, I hope it helps me bring you more, and better, content once I actually get it going.

I could of had a new TV, but I thought the computer would help me make money and then I could buy all the TVs I want later. AND THEN NEVER WATCH ANYTHING ON THEM.

The Teen wants me to put her to bed, so I’m going to do that now. I’ll see you guys in the comments.