1212 Bibliophile.


In many places when this page goes up it will still be, technically, the comic’s birthday as well as my own. It’s seven or eight. I honestly can’t remember for sure. The site has been lost a couple of times since the first time I uploaded anything. I started at the start date and just filled in blank dates after that. In any case I’ve been making this thing a long time. it has never failed to be rewarding. I’m glad so many of you are still around and commenting from the early times.

The Teen was not subtle in her search for birthday ideas, so most of my gifts were hardly surprising, although they were no less welcome, and appreciated. Among them were Stick Of Truth and Fable Anniversary. I actually took some time to play SOT, and it is brilliant. With Fable I kind of know what I’ll be getting, but it’s one of those rare games that I will play over and over. I hope they fixed some of the issues with the game though. (Like not having an equivalent good/evil weapon for every weapon class. Why the fuck should all skilled archers be evil?)

She also found a little Call Of Duty Mega Blocks set with little guys on a boat, which she threatened me with and carried through on. My intention is to customize them into State Of Decay characters… Marcus and his buddy whose name I suddenly forget.

For the record, if I could write any screenplay in the world right now I would chose State Of Decay. it’s my favorite zombie world and game.

I also got a Sanji from the same line as my other One Piece figures. He’s time skip Sanji and is the best version I’ve seen. I now have Nami, Zoro, Robin, and him. So, halfway there. Franky is going to be the worst to get. I think he’s a special figure in most cases because he’s giant. Chopper comes with other characters sometimes, so that’s a whole other thing…

Anyway I’m going to play Mario Brothers with the Teen and her friend Rainbow Dash.