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Jess is like an M & M, a thin layer of hard candy over a soft inside.

Carrie Fisher officially died today. Most people who read this at the time this blog comes out will know this already. For those of you who come along years later today was that sad day. I suspect she will be famous forever now that Disney owns Star Wars her image will be preserved as long as humans exist. That’s a pretty impressive legacy.

For my part, I was born the year before the original movie came out. I saw it on television first. The first Star Wars I saw in a theater, that I remember, was Return Of The Jedi. I was seven, and affected by the film the same way many young males were. I grew up obsessed with movies whose primary female presence was Leia. Smart, no nonsense, yet still clearly an individual who cares about others. No woman in Star Wars is as real as Leia. The spirit of Carrie Fisher bled through into her. They tried to capture it with new characters, but fell a little shy of her “grab a gun from a dude and get shit done” attitude.
Carrie Fisher essentially disappeared after Jedi. The next time I remember her being in anything was an episode of Dr Katz as Ben’s mother and Jonathan’s ex wife. She essentially plays herself. At the time that wasn’t popular. She is so real, explaining all the drugs she’s on the same way you might talk about a group of friends. She fights, very briefly, with Dr Katz in a way that writes the entire backstory of their relationship in a HANDFUL of lines.
Anyway, a lot has already been said today, but I wanted a little something here for those who come after.