1245 Afraids.


Ages ago, when I was deciding what the characters would look like, Nina’s eyes were going to be permanently shut, or obscured by hair. At that time it hadn’t been done to death, but the beating had progressed to the point that the concept was fading fast. So, I didn’t do that. She got her sleepy eyes and that whole thing was dropped. I didn’t want it to turn into a Brock from Pok√©mon kind of thing. Fast forward to a while ago…
I decided to add Alexandria into the cast, but she exhibited that design element, because she wasn’t part of the initial plans. I knew it was going to turn into a thing. The longer she went without having her eyes seen the more people would get obsessed. However, I wanted to keep her adorable haircut, so I knew I was going to have to live with it for a while. Her backstory came together pretty fast so I knew this page was coming to relieve the eye obsession. Except I also knew it was going to take forever to get here… But now it’s here and everyone can bask in the glory of another blue eyed character.

I thought I should mention all of this because I suspect I’ll get at least one comment about this “new character” who is not new at all. X3