1360 A Holes.


I watched Big Hero 6 this week sometime. It was good. I liked it a lot. It’s significantly better than the source material. I actually went to see how close to said source material it was and found out it’s not very. The reason? I suspect because the material is the worst kind of Marvel comics tired idea soup. I actually urge you to go look it up and compare the two things. The Disney version is so far removed from the source it’s more like they just wanted the title and some names they didn’t have to think up. Usually I’m a champion for keeping it source, but in this case not even a little.

I finally let Kyle, my longest resident villager, move out of my Animal Crossing town. His shack had been blocking my development plans for two years. He was just such a fun wolf I couldn’t let him go. Anyway, I tried to replace him with some old favorites, but ended up with a cat named Punchy. He’s fun too so I’m not sad about not getting who I wanted. My town now has Ankha, Felicity, Lolly, and Punchy. So cats outnumber all the other animals. Canberra the koala is now my longest resident villager. I’ll probably keep her forever.

The time change always messes with my posting because I can remember what the translation is for my server. I’m sitting here waiting to see if the page posts or I need to fix the time.