1855 Lil Hard Dad.


Every so often I get shit for Jess being a trope. (Pro tip: They all are.) She’s the hypersexual flirty bisexual girl. The thing is that in order to draw people in over time you paint in broad strokes at first, then start adding detail once people are paying attention. Which is why it is shown, several times over the course of the narrative, that she acts the way she does as a manipulation tactic. Which is probably the same reason the kind of people that caused the trope to come into being did as well. Maybe they wanted attention, maybe they wanted to feel special, or maybe they genuinely like being promiscuous. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that there’s a code for storytelling almost hardwired into all humans. Which is why, in spite of vast cultural differences, a lot of stuff translates straight across. With Jess there’s also a layer of… I’m not even sure what to call it. Maybe hyperawareness because she can sort of be seen as a representative of an entire group of people with similar sexual proclivities. I’ve tried to make her a fully realized character, with more than one side to her personality. My favorite example of this is when she interacts with her professor. She’s very frank in her appraisal of her place in the world and doesn’t pretend not to understand what he’s saying the way she would with someone she doesn’t know very well. She knows that he knows she’s smarter than the average bear, so there’s no point in pretending. She’s worried about being who she is because she knows how people react to people who are very intelligent, so she coats herself in an armor of flippancy. People who’ve been here a long time will know that this is a theme that runs through the entire story. To one degree or another all the characters have different masks for different situations and they switch them as situations dictate.
To people who don’t know you you are a trope. You’re the girl with pink hair who probably has daddy issues, or is desperate for attention, or is a lesbian. You’re the Chad who gets all the pussy without any effort. You’re the fat dude who probably never tries to lose weight… the possibilities are legion, but they are always the first step to knowing who someone really is.