1854 Dicktator.


I got a set of Wonder Woman comics that span a large timeframe. The first one in the set is an older origin story sort of thing that is sort of timeless. I enjoyed reading it. The next one was not that… It basically concerns itself with the staff that serve Wonder Woman’s needs in the modern world and I was taken aback by how much I didn’t give even one shit about a single character. This from a person who loves stories about the mundanities of life. I also noticed that Wonder Woman has evolved over time from a “do goodder” to a hostile combatant. Superheroes are a reflection of the events that shape the writers and I think a person could write one hell of an essay about the evolution of Wonder Woman. She started as a very empathetic character and has had a lot of that personality covered over by the “realistic” grittiness that has become common in media of the last two decades, perhaps even three. It’s very strange. There are two other books in the set, so maybe I’ll come back with more findings at a later date and amend my statements here. I will say this much though: the DCAU version of Wonder Woman is probably the most balanced and enjoyable version of these two extremes melded into a single version of the character.