1359 Do The Thing, Reggie!


The sleep study was just as miserable as I expected. The guy who administered it was very nice though, so it took the edge off of it a little. All I know at this point is something good better come of it, because pissing away a month’s wages on a test that doesn’t help will go a long way toward making me flip the fuck out.

I got my season of In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy the other day. It’s the real show, not the hatched job that the “History” Channel did to it a few years ago. It was pretty cheap and the packaging and quality shows it. The cover is blurry and janky and the actual video is the same way. XD It looks like a television from the 80s no matter what you play it on. That’s what I wanted though, so I don’t care. In Search Of was one of those shows that made me want to research paranormal stuff. It was an important step on my path to skepticism. It’s sad not to believe in the magic of the world, but I think it’s better to lose that magic than to live your entire life believing in potentially harmful nonsense.
A lot of people only go as far as researching the pseudoscience of things like ghosts, or whatever. They drink the kool aide and then become chained to the bullshit that other paranormal “researchers” come up with.
I kept going. Kept going until I finally came to the scientific method. Sadly I found out that a lot of this “knowledge” I had amassed over the years was crap. Logical fallacies created to prop up the corpse of a magical world.
Science is one of the most misunderstood disciplines unfortunately. People like to frame it as learned people telling us all that this is the way the world is and that’s the last word on the matter, but it’s not. It’s the continual evolution of human knowledge about how the reality works.
The problem is that paranormal researchers steal scientific terminology and try to apply it to their nonsense. Sometimes they do it properly, but usually they distort the words until you get a bunch of people talking about how evolution is “just a theory”.
I can list off so many things that are supposed to be signs of ghostly activity. I used to think that information was grounded in scientific research. I know better now. Science is the gradual process of knowing better.