1358 Rock The Vote.


The exact nature of Alex’s and Evrina’s relationship is unclear in so far as details are concerned, but it’s clear enough that Alex indulges Evrina’s irritating behavior. Still, she knows when to reel her back in and, by extension, Reggie. One could make a case that she let this go just a bit too long, or not long enough. Regardless her reasons are her own. Now the embers of anger will smolder for a bit.

I’ll be returning to the hospital Wednesday for a sleep study. Two words that sound truly awful together. I have visions of it going poorly. My sleep habits are far from normal and it has continually stymied my efforts to put them in sync with the world clock. Every time I get on a good schedule something happens, or someone, that throws it right back to its weird rhythm. I fear that I will lay in the bed for hours and only fall asleep moments before I have to leave. As it is I rarely sleep more than 4 hours in a row. If I lay down at nine I’ll be up at one or two FOR THE DURRATION. Also, having an appointment, at a place I am not familiar with, hanging over my head for weeks only makes the problem worse. Anticipation of irritation makes the irritation far worse than it needs to be. Much like with shots, don’t dick around. Just get it done so I don’t have time to notice.

In any case it is what it is and I’m stuck dealing with it. A week of buffer pages are getting pissed away over this nonsense. Honestly, at this point, I’d probably start feeling better if they would just let me die in peace.