1527 Blue Green.


One of my friends has been on a quest to buy all of the games his brother stole, and the games he missed out on, after he left home. My knowledge of those costs was far out of date when he started, so I didn’t expect it to be all that bad in the scheme of things. I knew Chrono Trigger would be hard to get, and the SNES Final Fantasy games, but on average I expected he could amass a little empire to enjoy and pick up the stragglers as he went. Unfortunately our culture of observation has increased the value of even once largely ignored games. Everyone wants to be the fucking Game Grumps, and that monster needs to be fed anything that hasn’t already been commented on. Failing that, people want to do it again, but better. So now, everything has increased in value. Even if it’s available as a download. If you want the original systems it is getting expensive. I had to alter this little conjunctive section to reflect the fluid nature of collecting, which I had not taken into account originally. The fact that Chris was embarking on his task was a happy accident.

He has upgraded an old NES so the spring load system is just a slot in now, which reduces wear and increases functionality. He also got a spare, just in case, and for posterity. He gathered up a purple N64, but has had problems getting the classics of that system for decent prices. If I ever get to my stash I’m going to just send him the stuff I have no use for. Majora’s Mask, for example. Although I’m not sure I have that, or ever had it, for the N64. I know I had it for something. Gamecube for sure. It was a preorder bonus for something. I think it had Occarina with it as well. If it does have it I’ll probably give him that for the 64 as well. I know I’m never going to play those on the 64 again, and there’s a very good chance I won’t have anyone to pass them on to, so at least someone will enjoy them one more time at least.

The Ninja Gaiden games are another set I don’t have use for. I barely had use for them at the time they were new. I already sent him a box of randoms I had kicking around, like Astyanax, and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. I have at least one other copy of the Mr Dream version and he really wanted the Tyson one. I’ve never gotten that far in either game, and I never will. I can get as far as Soda Popinski and that’s it. It’s been like that for 40 years. It’s time to accept that.

I can’t bring myself to part with Chrono Trigger yet. The ports mistime the ending music, and that really throws off the perfect feeling of the ending scenes. I may want to see that one again.