1526 Shrewd Taming.


I doubt that Reggie wanted a fist fight, but I suspect he wanted to get under John’s skin rather than get passively invited to be work friends, or whatever you call this. After the night of the furries John understands more about Reggie, and he finally put it all together. He bent like the reed and avoided disaster. this may not be a victory as such, but it’s something good. John has accepted that he is flawed and that’s important too.

The teen wants to go to the store again. I’m starting to think I should have kept my level of wellness a secret. We’re going to end up back where we started at this rate. Still, I need to focus my eyes on something other than this screen all the time. Walking around doesn’t do me any harm either. As long as we eat before we go out it keeps her from trying to get me to feed her… well, at least a little bit. I think sometimes that she is some sort of agent meant to teach me something ironic, but I can’t see the point of it were that true.

She wants to get a mother’s day gift for her mom. A mom who doesn’t remember who she is until someone tells her. The teen is supposed to be, like 5 or so in her mother’s mind. Can you imagine what that’s like for her? Her mom was never a very nurturing person, but she was still her mom and I know that hurts her very deeply. She talks about it a little now because she’s gotten better as time has gone by. We’ve had a positive impact on her life, but there are some hurts that you just take with you forever. Part of me thinks it’s pointless because as soon as she leaves her mom won’t know where she got the present, or it will reset after a few days and she’ll trade it to someone for pudding, or whatever. I don’t know if she’s buying the present for her mom, the memory of her mom, or her. Maybe it’s all three at once.