805 Doctor Poo.


Dangit.  I just realized I forgot to draw Jo’s hairclip in the last frame.  Sumanimbotch…  I’ll get to that in a minute, I guess.  T^T

On the way to the store today I saw a really big dust devil rampaging across some people’s driveway.  It was dirt, so the thing was a huge cylinder of dust.  It was just about as wide as a small car and was spinning a big tree branch across the ground.  It almost looked like it was some kind of natural Dyson vacuum.  There were two kids in the yard watching the thing in complete awe.   It was kind of funny.  I wonder if it was the first time they ever saw one.  They were closer than I have ever been to one, that’s for sure.

When I was at the store they had an American release of Doctor Who, season 6 part one!  Kind of fitting for the page this goes with really.  It’s cool that we’re getting reasonably priced domestic releases.  I hadn’t heard about it so it was a total surprise; a pleasant one though.

I’m going to admit, however, that I don’t like this season as much as the previous ones in the new series.  I love Matt Smith as the Doctor, and I like the vibe of the show, but I kind of miss the dynamic of the Chris Eccelston / David Tennant years.  Matt Smith’s Doctor, and the season in general, remind me very much of classic Who that I’ve seen.  He is much more of a traditional portrayal of the Doctor than the two Doctors prior.  I’m not saying that I hate the new season, or even dislike it.  I just enjoyed the feel of the ones that came just before.  Of course I may change my tune at some point.  I am not the biggest fan of River Song.  As a character she’s not the kind of person that I can get along with easily.  at the same time a lot of the stuff concerning her is very clever and cool.  This season may well tie up her loose ends and I won’t have to see her so much anymore, or it may lead to a season of the Doctor wandering around the universe with his wife…  Which would not make me exactly happy.  Although I doubt seriously that I would really mind it very much.  I’m just not in love with River Song is all I’m saying.

If you are a fan of new Who I strongly suggest you Netflix some of the classic episodes.  Find yourself an old fan and ask what their favorites are.  I watched all the origins and regenerations, and all the crossovers.  Then I watched random recommendations.   In the end my favorite classic Doctor is #2.  Which is actually kind of awesome because Matt Smith reminds me very much of him.