2062 Faulty Wiring.


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Electro Magnetic Field in case you don’t know what EMF stands for. My dad used to use these all the time to test wiring for stuff. Reggie, coming from a family who works in construction, is actually familiar with the intended function of the device, rather than the magical fun time version of its function that became popular with ghost hunting. So this is obviously a little off to him.

I’ve spoken about this before, but when I was little the library where we lived had a series of books on paranormal stuff for kids. Although it was “for kids” in the way that things for kids used to be a lot more graphic, & frankly terrifying, than they are allowed to be now. I’ve never been able to remember the title of the series or find anything out about them, but they were fully illustrated. They were hardbound in that carboard feeling stuff that was then covered in painted fabric, with the dustcovers lost or removed. I vividly remember the painting of a vampire, from some place in the world, chewing on its bloody fingers. There were descriptions of all kinds of supernatural beings & I remember the books being about an inch and a half thick. That town is very far away now. Right about in the center of Kansas. There’s a chance those books aren’t even there anymore. It occurs to me that maybe if I wrote them an email they might look and see for me though. I can’t imagine there’s a whole lot going on in America’s armpit. There certainly wasn’t when I lived there, apart from casual racism and formal bullying. I’d really love to see those books again, but I also don’t want to start doing the things required to start this hunt… There are very few fond memories for me of that town. I did like our house there though. It was only one floor of actual living space, but it was raised really high off the ground, like five feet, on solid concrete. In retrospect probably to make it safe to hid under if the event of a tornado. There was a horrible little concrete bunker that was always full of spiders where we would go when the wind blew. Anyway, no important to the matter at hand.
The guy that used to be my dad’s mechanic in that town got murdered. That’s kind of ghost related. He was fooling around with someone else’s wife & it did not go well for any of them. I have a vague memory of he man. I was just a kid, but he seemed nice enough apart from the adultery. Not someone who deserved death for infidelities. We don’t always meet the fate we deserve though. In fact, people rarely seem to.

Update, Lapi on the discord helped me find the book I was thinking of. Usborne Pocket guide to Monsters, or part of that series at any rate.