460 For A Moment.


Until a moment ago I had a Christmas song stuck in my head.  It just popped in there, like a tiny piece of Hell dislodged and buried itself in my brain.  It has now switched over to Stewie Griffin singing the “My Left Foot” song from whatever episode of Family Guy that’s in.  Moments like these make me question the supposed potential locked away in all our brains.  Perhaps, just perhaps, they really are little more than a collection of flawed meats. 

My DVDs came today.  One of them had broken teeth, but not so many that the disc can move around, so I’m not going to return it or anything.  These sets are the perfect price for DVD season sets.  $10 for about 13 episodes.  Less than a dollar per.  At this point I’ve learned not to factor in the special features on Cartoon Network DVDs, they suck with few exceptions.