1635 Master Lock.


Do any of you have an Audible account? how exactly does it work? I’m too lazy to look it up myself. XD m

I asked for a Kindle for Xmas because Ipads are too expensive and restrictive with their shitty “We don’t allow expandable memory” bullshit. They’re really nice, but too much about them is just straight up price gouging. My one is so old it can’t do anything anymore, but I also can’t afford the ridiculous pricing, nor can any of my family. The Kindle Fire HD is less than 100$, sometimes far less with their sales and stuff. Certainly not perfect, but a person can upgrade reasonably every few years. Also, they have the Viz Manga app so I can read my comics on there that I bought on my ipad which it has too little memory to hold.
It’s super Amazon branded and leashed to that company, obviously, which is a little annoying. At the same time it’s kind of nice to have my Amazon account integrated into it. I don’t want it for games, I want it for when I want to do stuff when my surface is too bulky to be a reasonable option. Essentially what my ipad was for. Saldy plants versus zombies is not available for the kindle, which is the only tablet game worth playing, Not that the point of the thing is games, I just really like PVZ.
Anyway, I want to do audiobooks because I’m never going to sit down and read when I could be working. I’ve never been able to convince myself it’s worth the expense though. So sell me on it if you can.

I really love my apple products, but apple clearly doesn’t like its users. I’ve never been able to get their tech support to help me, I’ve always had to solve problems on my own. The price gouging on memory is unconscionable. I don’t like the way save files are handled for games. At the same time, my IPhone is the only cell phone I’ve ever actually liked. I can hear people on it, the texting works, email works, social media, my website… It’s a great phone, but a stilted multimedia device. Boiling down to the damn lack of memory, which is really what pissed me off enough to give up on the ipad.

A friend of mine who loves Star Wars saw Rogue One and was so disappointed. It’s funny how much he dislikes the new stuff to me because he loves the old stuff so much but clearly feels betrayed by the new things on some level. Not LOL funny, more like, ironically funny in a sad way. The evolution of his fandom is something I watched from the outside so it’s sad seeing it get more and more tarnished as we get older.
I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the star wars movies in the Disney era are going to always be something you only enjoy as long as you turn the critical part of your brain off, which our culture no longer encourages. Once you enjoy something the entire internet pours all the logic over you that ruins mindless fun.

I haven’t even seen the movie and I already know everything stupid about it. Hopefully I’ve trained myself enough to enjoy it that first time then slowly I can grow to hate it as time passes. XD