1636 Dickpunch Island.


Every so often I think of a punchline with no setup then I have to wait until a moment arises when I can use said punchline. Welcome to the land of 1000 dick punches is one such line, followed by the travel brochure was very misleading. In addition to that I love the idea of Jo putting on the hoodie then quickly taking it off to play both parts in her little play. Pages don’t always end on jokes around here, but I enjoy it very much when they do.

I’ve never been able to write gag a day stuff. What I find really funny often requires a lot of setup and what I find interesting in media is often the stuff that is usually used to get to humor. Between Failures is very much what I like, which isn’t always popular so it’s harder to find. When I started that was very much the case so I just started making something I wanted. Of course I’ve never been able to present it all as fast as I want, or even the way it looks in my mind, but you have to work with in your boundaries and hope you can break out of them eventually.

Every so often I go back and check up on comics I used to read that diverted away from what I used to like about them. Just to see how they are doing. PVP, and Penny Arcade are two I know are still actively updated. I stopped reading PA because I stopped having time for games, so the jokes no longer made sense to me. I understood that it would be funny if I could play the games, but that critical part was missing, so I quit reading. I didn’t write a passive aggressive note to them about how I was leaving forever, I just stopped and hoped they would do okay without me. I decided to check in on a whim the other day and read a sizeable portion of their latest strips in reverse. To my surprise the comedy had shifted in such a way that I could appreciate the humor without detailed knowledge of most subjects. There were a few that were meaningless to me, but almost all of them were funny without some piece of obscure game minutia. It felt very much like catching up with an old friend. They had changed, but the core of what made us friends was there.
They have hit upon a very valuable skill. They can make gamer comics that appeal to people who don’t play games. It may not sound very impressive, but to me, who scrounges for attention, it’s like looking at a wizard. They cracked the code. Appealing to their core while inviting outsiders. There’s a reason why they’ve dominated their market for so long, and they will likely dominate it until they die if this is the kind of game they are going to play. I was genuinely impressed, pleased, and full of envy driven rage, all at once. They aren’t back on the daily list, but I’ll be checking in to see if maybe they have earned that place again… I think they might have.