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Just a little admin, if you sent me a message about patreon sketches I probably got them. I like to leave them unread so I keep seeing the message badge & don’t forget I need to do them. There’s quite a little pile of them to get through now, so it’ll take a while to get to the later ones. I appreciate everyone signing up. It was way more than I expected, so it’s nice to know my work means so much to so many of you. It always makes me feel safer when I get more people coming in than going out.

I have been sick with a mystery illness for about a week. I’ll spare you the details but I went to the doctor today & they were like “Maybe drink some more water & see if that sorts you out.” I drank half a gallon before heading over that way, but whatever. I guess we’ll see if it clears up by applying even more water. At this point the only thing that I can think of that may have made me sick are these Japanese noodles that are made of mushroom. It’s possible that they just didn’t agree with me but in a way that was subtle enough that I didn’t connect the symptoms. That’s just a guess because I haven’t eaten anything else that isn’t part of my regular diet. Dorothy licked the bowl one night & she seemed to be having similar issues for a day so maybe it was something in the sauce? In any case it’s not a bladder infection or a kidney stone, so that’s something at least.

In other news I don’t just randomly pass out when I get overheated now. My body finally healed enough after 3 years or so that it can regulate my blood pressure if I get hot. I have to stay really hydrated to keep going for very long & I’m sick as fuck for a day if I push it too much, but I was in 90 degree heat for well over 30 minutes & didn’t start getting light headed. Just a little foggy, but mostly functional. I can hardly call it an achievement, but it’s actual health progress I could measure. Some days my foot is even mostly foot shaped again.