1650 Muggs.


So anyway, when I decided to add Alex to the comic I didn’t want the fact that her hairstyle hides her eyes be the thing everyone gets obsessed with, so I showed her with her hair in a different style right away. In this section. I believe the blog in that section says pretty much the same thing I just restated. Anyway, Alex is a very busy girl. She plays online games, works at a library, reads, does cosplay, and probably other stuff I haven’t mentioned. She may be the most casually active character in the comic apart from Jessica. Of course she’d also like to do some ghost hunting with John, although it would likely be more accurate to say that she wants to be alone with him in a dark room. John came a little too late to the idea that he might want that too. Although all is not lost since she has agency too.

I actually hesitated making the Archie comics reference because I’m not sure exactly how culturally relevant they are these days. I’m know they’ve done a million new versions in the last 5 years or so, and there’s another attempt at a tv series coming up, but I wonder if kids read them as much as when I was a kid. I know they still sell those digests in Walmart. I end up with a few here and there from people giving them as gifts and stuff. A lot of those things are recycled from as far back as the original run of the comic, but they still work because the stories are time less. Although some look dated, especially when they use phones, and the old clothing styles are all 50s and shit. It’s kind of neat how you can roughly date an archie comic based on the clothes.

I drew this entire page in the waiting room of the Teen’s psychiatrist. Certailny not a feat worthy of bragging about, but worth noting in that it’s just another time switching to using the Surface has saved me from being late. I’ve had to go to town for one random ass reason or another for the last handful of days. As soon as I got my tire fixed I became the horsecart for all the teen’s ridiculous activities again. We can’t get her into that fucking car fast enough as far as I’m concerned. Of course the car situation is just going to cause a million other fucking fights so really it’s just going to change the nature of the irritation rather than the amount of it.

It’s a ford escape, which I forget if I said before. I like it better than the litte car she had before that we didn’t use because the new one has space enough for me to get in and out. it’ll be way easier to deal with teaching her since I won’t be in constant agony from riding in a tuna tin.