1651 Boy Girl Boy.


Someone thought she was being flirty and John doubled down on the real talk.

I gave john an interesting backstory and then never did anything with it. All the stuff with the furries and whatnot was supposed to remedy that, but Reggie came in and hijacked it with his always being the best character ever. I’ll work my way back to John as best I can, I promise. I’m not sure how many people are his fans but let’s just assume he has a large number or readers desperate for mor information about him.

The giant sore that appeared on my head last night kept me from sleeping well. Which is a real feat since I sleep so poorly already. It came on out of nowhere and was huge at 5 AM or so when it noticed it starting to throb. I fell asleep long enough to sort of rest and by that time it had reduced in size to about half of what it was. It still hurts like a bitch, but maybe it will be resolved by the time I go to sleep. I came this close to shaving my head though. My hair is already too long, but getting a haircut out here is a fucking trial. The wal mart stylists never seem to understand what I mean. even when I looked up haircut terms to help, even when I brought pictures of my regular haircut. Apparently they just lack the skill. I expect that the weird unevenness in the thickness of my hair doesn’t help. My mother doesn’t like it when I have no hair, but genetics is going to solve that problem before too long, I think. Or at least remove options. I look like a fat hitman with a shaved head and people get really nervous around me, which is fine. I’m even fatter now than I was the last time I got sick of my hair, so maybe I’ll look like one of the three stooges…