1170 Appreciation.


There was a moment where I wasn’t sure how I wanted Thomas to take this. Honestly, if I was in his place, I’m not sure what I would do. I’d like to think that I’d be cool about it, but I feel like I’d really just say “No. Fuck you.” Which is almost what I wrote. The fallout would kind of be fun to write. XD Of course, in the end, Thomas is better than me, so this more adult handling of things is what he would do, and did. But there is a dark timeline now… where Evil Thomas told this bald fuck where to get off. >:D

I tried a few more things before giving up on my old AC town, but nothing worked. So I started from the ground up again. A few charitable people donated bells and items to help me out. Chief among them Yawnitz, who is a regular commenter. My new fruit is the apple. There was a perfect one on a tree even. One of my old villagers was even there in the new town. Jeramiah, is a blue frog, and he was a good friend of mine. I also got a cool eagle named Pierce, and Ankha, an Egyptian themed cat. Ankha was an island villager on the gamecube. My favorite one, in fact. So there was a silver lining at least. Also, if you have a digital copy of AC you can put it on as many sd cards as you like. So a person could have two towns if they wanted even more space for stuff. I had 4 houses before and was running out of room. Which kind of makes me thing that Animal Crossing is a game to prepare you to be a hoarder…

Anyway, if you play 3ds my code is 3909-7997-3526. I want to know enough people in Animal Crossing so that no matter what time I play there’s always a town to visit someplace in the world. XD