1371 Order Of The Pelt.


I’m not sure that everyone is going to get what’s happening here. I hate to spoil it, but I will say it is a reference to a very early part of the comic. I suspect some of you will be old enough, or well versed enough in old movies, to get what Reggie is doing without realizing what this is referencing. Then, of course, there are those of you who never read the comments and won’t see this, so you are on your own. XD

As far as I know there is no group that already has the name Order Of The Pelt. In fact, if I didn’t already want the spinoff of this comic to be called Alexandria Of The Library I would call it Order Of The Pelt. I looked around to see if the name was taken and got no hits, so I feel pretty google secure.

I left the house today expecting to go to Gamestop at some point and preorder some of the new Amiibo I was interested in. That didn’t happen. In fact I may not even get the ones that I already preordered months ago. Apparently there weren’t enough of those to go around, much like there weren’t enough of the ones for the new wave either. It’s most likely the first time I was turned away from trying to preorder something at a gamestop. As those of you who frequent that location will know they LOVE preorders. Like, more than a friend. So it was pretty weird having a an associate be like “You might be able to preorder online maybe. I can’t even verify you preorder for Ike…”

Basically Amiibos have reached critical mass as far as the battle between fans and scalpers are concerned. It’s significantly worse than it was with Skylanders, which is saying something. It’s so bad that the price has even ballooned out of control in Japan, which was, for a while, where you could get hard to find Amiibo and then pay the shipping. Which made a regular amiibo about $25 approximately. That number has doubled. In some cases tripled. So, basically any Amiibo that isn’t on a peg is off limits to me, and most other people. On the plus side this may make Nintendo less terrified of trying to sell some of the more “obscure” characters in America. In the future at least.

I managed to get a Kaos Trap for Skylanders Trap Team, which is the most expensive one after market. I got it for $6, so that worked out really well. I was going to get it on Amazon but I hesitated and it was up to $50 when last I looked there. It was on a peg at GS when I was Amiibo hunting. As well as the Light level expansion pack that you can’t get online for less than $60 when last I looked. That pretty much ends Skylanders for me. Unless the next game is really amazing I’m done. Which basically means if they bring back Stealth Elf I’m back in. XD