1372 Wabbits.


The Teen’s sister came to visit for easter. We did various activities such as egg dying. Which they instantly turned around and ate. I feel like there should be some appreciation time, but they wanted them eggs. As far as me goes, I don’t care much for eggs. If they are in something I’m not bothered, but I’m not much for just eating egg based food.

Anyway… I’ve been in contact with some other artists. I’m looking in to having some nice backgrounds drawn for me, since I don’t ever seem to improve over time. Potentially I’d like to hire someone specifically to do backgrounds. So I’m pricing it out to find out how much money I would need per month to do work for hire. As soon as I figure it out I’m going to make a Patreon goal that will pay for that. The idea being that more people would want to read if the comic didn’t look all shitty. And before you all jump in and tell me the art is good, just let me say that I know it’s passable. I just don’t want to accept passable forever. I want this to be something amazing. All these other people are finally starting to show up with this amazing art and I’m going to end up left behind. I don’t want that to happen. There will come a time when mid level guys like me will be pushed aside in favor of people who are highly skilled. And when you see my comic up there with the other Hivework people it’s starting to look really sad. Like I’m the slow cousin of all these people. I was cool back when they were small, but now I’m just being kept around out of loyalty, or pity, or whatever. Anyway when I get some examples to show you I’ll put links up. So far the people I’ve talked to have quoted reasonable seeming prices.

I’m still going to be drawing the bulk of the comic though. And probably will be doing the same thing I have been doing until I reach whatever the goal is going to be. It would be really cool if things looked a bit more like they do in my head. At the very least I wan there to be some establishing images so you guys have an idea of what the space around these characters looks like. Like I said though, it’s just a plan I’m looking into. I wan to put some of the money the patrons pay me back into the comic in a more obvious way. Spend money to make money, right? Also, if you know of some artist who might be looking for some work, and that can approximate my style, or has one that is complimentary to mine, point them my way.

As long as I’m talking about Patreon, I’m going to be doing the next round of avatar pics this comic week, I think. So if you haven’t gotten yours just bear with me. I’ve been rebuilding my buffer. That said, if you get in before I start this next round I’ll ad you to the list. The link, as always, is Nina on the sidebar.