1373 Groucho.


This page won’t be a surprise to those of you who read the comments. This part is being split so we can see some of the other characters before 2016. XD Rest assured, John will tell his story eventually.

Here’s a fun fact, did you know that the bill for a hospital stay doesn’t include a doctor coming to see you for less than 5 minutes? It does not. It’s a separate charge. A very expensive charge I might add. The amount of money versus time spent with me is truly staggering. It was bad enough when I thought it was included in my hospital stay. A stay that would not have been 3 days if they had simply done the scan and set me free. It’s all pretty irritating. The lesson here is take care of yourself and never come into contact with medical personnel if at all possible. They are like black holes for cash.

I have decided that next year I am taking advantage of all the loopholes and whatnot that rich people do when they do their taxes. So I’ve got a little place for receipts and everything now. If I can write it off I’m writing it off. Postage, supplies, whatever. No more of this poor person nonsense of just paying whatever they say I should pay and hoping they don’t send thugs to hassle me. I really don’t like being made to feel like a criminal every year when tax time comes around.

I’ve been selling off some of my old games on eBay. I took really good care of them, even the boxes, so collectors like them. I’m also slashing prices because I’m sick of having them around. Right now it’s mostly old Lucasarts games for the SNES. Not rare except in so much as I have pristine boxes and inserts. Of course all that money is going to be taken by the doctor thing, so it’s not as fun as it was when I was just getting some extra money…

I need to get over my prudishness and just draw porn. That’s where the money is.