412 Origin.


Don’t be shocked by the lack of color at the end of the page.  It’s a brief look back into Thomas’s memory.  I thought it would be neat to look inside his head again.


I had on Biography, which I normally won’t watch, in the background while I was doing something, and found out that Christian Bale was the main guy in Newsies.  Does anyone remember that shit?  It was him, and the Italian kid from Doogie Hauser, and the president from Independence Day, in a musical about the paperboy strike back in the olden times.  My sister loved that movie.  I must have heard those songs a million times.  I think I can even still sing parts of them.  Kind of like how I still know lyrics from New Kids On The Block from hearing the songs drifting through the house. 

All this time I though Bale’s part in Newsies was played by that guy from Hey Dude.  They looked pretty similar.  At least to a guy who really didn’t give a crap about either of those actors at the time…  Or even now really. 

Bale did that new Batman, but I still haven’t seen the second one.  The new Batman movies are fine, but they aren’t MY Batman.  My Batman is the one from the animated series.  (Or the Batman from The Long Halloween in the comics.)  Sometimes people say that Bale’s Batman is the one from the comics, but that’s bullshit.  It’s closer, but it’s still more like Tim Burton’s Batman.  Anyway, all I’m saying is that the animated Batman was the best take on him so far. 

That new Batman The Brave & The Bold series is pretty good.  Surprisingly so actually.  It’s like a whole show dedicated to having third stringers look good by hanging out with Batman. 

I always meant to check out that The Batman series, but just never got aroung to giving a crap.  a friend of mine was way into it for a long time.  He may just be really into anything to do with Batman, now that I think on it though…  I think I could buy the whole series on DVD for eight bucks…  I liked the character design for the most part though.

I have two Batmobile Hot Wheels cars on my desk.  The Burton one and the Adam West one.  I also have a sweet Batman action figure there too.  It’s the best one they’d made up till the time I quit paying attention.  I can’t find the exact toy in a picture, but it looks like Batman did right after the Gotham earthquake.