411 Trump.


I had this dream where it was my first day of college.  I was, for whatever reason, Luke Skywalker.  The entire school was populated by characters from the films, including expanded universe, and various film makers.

My first class was Advanced Star Wars studies.  The instructor was not a character from the movies, or anyone from a film crew.  She was really gross, and annoying.  Plus, she kept calling on Govenor Tarkin to answer everything.  He was just as aggrivating as a Star Wars fan would expect.  He also looked like someone had edited him into every scene.  No matter what he was doing the lighting on his body didn’t match the rest of the room.  It looked like George Lucas had gone in and added him in after the fact.  Like this dream was the special edition version of my dream.  (Or like a fan made Youtube video.)

Anyway, the funniest part was when I finally had enough of Tarkin’s crap and pulled him aside.

“Listen,I’m Luke, fucking, Skywalker!”  I said.  “And I’m far tired of your bullshit.  If you don’t quit it I’m going to cut off your hand and pitch you down an unguarded air vent.  Then, after you die, I’ll still let you become one with the force, because I’m a Jedi and don’t hold grudges!”

I woke up right after that, and couldn’t stop laughing about what a strange line that was to deliver as Luke Skywalker.