1966 Felwin Hammerhand.


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The other day I took a screenshot of a comment on one of Phillip Defranco’s videos & posted it to twitter to share with my followers, but I tagged Phillip out of habit mostly. Not thinking anyone in particular would care outside of my friends. But he retweeted it. Let me tell you 3000 notifications is not something your brain can truly grasp until you actually have to scour through that many to see response from people you actually know, or interact with regularly. It was kind of strange because I wasn’t responsible for any of the content. I didn’t write the comment, make the video,or anything. I just pointed and said “look at this thing.” I expect it would be different if it were something I could claim as an original thought, but mostly my tweet was just a middleman between people engaging around me. I was mostly, and honestly rightly, ignored. It really made me realize how surface level a viral tweet is though. Like I said, if I had actually done anything of note it would probably be different, but experiencing virality in this sort of removed way gave me a sense of how terrifying actually being in the center of something like that would be. The ones who agree with you are one thing, but the ones who don’t… Those are more than a little disturbing. I sincerely hope I never get noticed by the internet for something controversial. It would be very scary.