1374 Watson.


When I was writing the next group of pages I skipped over part of what should happen. No one reacted to John choosing not to tell his story. Which would be insane. So I renumbered the pages and added this one. It is the first page to be created completely in Manga Studio EX 5. I decided to do it on a whim, but it’s nearly identical in style to one made in photoshop cs 1. The upside however is that it didn’t try to crash constantly when I used the lasso tool. That may seem like a small thing, but I use is a lot. Coloring was also easier. Setting the text wasn’t, unfortunately. That’s a big failing for MS5. I also had trouble with the word balloons. Still, it went more smoothly than usual, so it looks like I can transition to the new software at any time. Manga Studio is much much faster than Photoshop and doesn’t make you pay for it every month. It’s also cheaper by a very significant percentage. (Although thanks still goes to my patrons, who essentially paid for the new software. If not for your support I would likely still be hobbling along with photoshop.) MS5 can also handle massive file sizes with no problem at all. Way larger than I need them to be. Which is good because I can make high quality prints if I so desire. Hopefully I can bring you all a higher quality experience with my new tools.

Reggie’s middle name IRL comes from a guy who literally declared me to be his nemesis when we were teenagers. In spite of the fact that he hated me I had to respect the flair he had. Ultimately I was a worse enemy to myself than he ever was to me, but I honor him by naming my sometimes antagonist after him. I don’t know what happened to him now. At one point a mutual friend said he was doing fine, but that was almost a decade ago now. For the record, the reason he hated me was that the girl he loved, loved me, at the time anyway. It happens to be the same girl that Dawn AKA “Constance Willowbrook” is based loosely upon. In actual fact I liked the guy (in as much as I like anyone) and if things had been different we might have been friends someday. He’s certainly part of the reason why I don’t like writing antagonistic characters who are just mean for no reason. Perspective is a big part of life. I’m sure in his version of the story he was the hero and I was the loutish brute who had the girl he deserved. In all honesty, his version may have be the correct one.

My life seems to follow Dragon Ball rules in so far as I seem to end up being friends with people I initially hate. As far as I know none of my friends has ever committed genocide though, so it’s better than making friends with Vegeta.

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