1375 Bunny.


I am so sore. One side of my back is messed up from something. It doesn’t bother me unless I’m sitting for a while. I’m fairly sure it’s from twisting to my right when I’m doing regular activities, but for some reason it hurts me to do them now. It’s less bad when I sleep on the floor, but I really wanted to sleep in my bed for a while and it made it worse today. I don’t sleep as well on the floor, but my body hurts less during the day if I do. Damned if I do and all that. My mattress is too weak for my body. I need a new one that’s much harder.

The Teen made a bacon and cheese thing for dinner last night. It was good, but it’s too much grease for me apparently. I can eat bacon with no issue as long as the grease dries off. Cheese in large quantities also causes problems, but I ate in anyway just to see what it would do. It hurt my insides. XD But I still had some for dinner because I was too lazy to make anything else. Which is a fine representation of my priorities.

Anyway, this page was made before the switch to MS. I wonder if you can tell.