1376 Smarton.


I took half an allergy tablet after dinner. I haven’t been sleeping well, as you already know, and I fell asleep just as I sat down to color a page. I think I’ve been out for about two hours. I try not to let that sort of thing happen because I’ll be wide awake at 4 AM now. That’s not exactly tragic or anything. I can just work on comics then, but I prefer to get up at 9 or so. That way I’m more in sync with the places of business I have to visit.

John is trying to be friends with Reggie, but still hasn’t acclimated to Reggie’s nature. He’s trying to be friendly the way he is with Thomas, which is a different dynamic. As we all know by now Reggie tends to take playful teasing as personal attack. John hasn’t quite caught up to that yet. In his defense Reggie rarely lowers his guard enough to tell the difference. Plus he’s a little dense when it comes to other people. But John has seen a little deeper in to Reggie and maybe will be ready to forgive him his flaws. Which is probably more than Reggie is willing to do. XD

For the record, the page title was an alternate joke for the punchline. I’ve been thinking of editing it back in. I just couldn’t decide.