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I’ve always been hesitant to try selling drawings on eBay because I feel like no one wants them, but I’m going to give it a try. I drew Alex the other day and here’s the listing.

Drawing of Alex

I’ll get a better picture and info soon. I just wanted to get the listing up tonight. It’s like all the other stuff I send to people as gifts. 22 inches tall or so on a comic page. I probably should have drawn someone else first, but they kept looking crappy, and this one looks okay. Anyway give it a look if you want. I’ll sign it if you want me to.

I’ll do more if this proves to be worth my time. I’ll draw suggested stuff for auction if you have any ideas.

I wrote one version of this scene that ended up in a fight because their dialogue kept leading them their. It took a few tries to get these two to interact nicely. I didn’t want this to end up that way. Since this sets up a whole other section of comic I didn’t want these two at odds. Reggie’s defensive attitude made it hard to work them toward a friendly outcome. The final outcome was really good, I think, and makes reference to a key moment for Reggie.

Tomodachi Life was on sale in the eshop, so I got it and put all my characters in as islanders. Strangely enough, John and Reggie became friends as soon as john moved in. Weird huh? It’s hard to actually get the miis to ask like they “should” since the system is vague. Mostly they all ended up being free spirits. It’s like a hippie commune. I need to tweak the personalities maybe. XD