971 Until You Said That.


The other day I shot one of my Nerf guns and the disc bounced off of a door into another room. As near as I can tell when the disc left my sight a wormhole opened up and it was transported to some other point in spacetime, because it’s not in that room. Based on the arc of the shot I feel like I know where it should have gone, but it didn’t go there. Therefore it must have fallen through a tear in the fabric of the universe. A Hawking’s butthole, as scientist’s call them. I’m a little disturbed by the whole turn of events because I have my drawputer in that room. It would be bad if it fell into the cracks between worlds.

I noticed the other day that all the area Wal-Marts are dumping their Kree-O building sets. I’m not sure if they are making room for new ones, or ditching the line altogether, but it feels like they are done with them. I heard that they have blind packs of just the little guys that usually come with the sets, but I haven’t seen any. Since I don’t keep up with that stuff much anymore I’m not sure what the deal is whith all of that. Any of you keep up with Kree-O at all? I never got any.