1754 Desert.


Is your topic of conversation getting a little dark? Always remember that a grin and jazz hands can change the course of any situation. Also, as soon as Thomas starts the hand motion he begins to hear Entry Of The Gladiators in his head. That’s not important but it’s just a weird thing that I know since I made this.

One of the only things I don’t like about the death of circuses is that the cultural touchstone that is Entry Of The Gladiators has been lost on some level. Whenever someone does something stupid I have a habit of singing the first few bars of the tune for a while, just to highlight the event. This may seem like a strange hill to choose to die on, but it’s important to me that when people do dumb shit I have an easy way to point it out that isn’t just saying “That’s dumb.” I want some fanfare to go with it.

I’m sure the Teen hates the tune on some level since I use it to highlight her questionable choices so often. When I’m gone I want her to hear me singing it in her mind when she does dumb shit. That will be my greatest legacy.