1370 No, you.


April Fools can bite me.

If you think Reggie is going to let Evrina get off easy over her shenanigans then you don’t know Reggie. Sticking her nose in it is the perfect end to an initiation “ceremony” that her knocked out of the park.

Just so you know, I updated Julius Drywood and The Wandering King on Patreon. Hopefully next month I’ll be able to really get into it and move the story forward significantly, since I’ve gotten just slightly ahead of things again. I would also like to tempt those of you who haven’t done the Patreon thing with a reminder that anyone who pledges a dollar gets an avatar drawing. Those of you who have been supporting me for a few months can get an updated one if you like. If you’re very good I might even let you talk me into drawing a simple sketch of whatever you like. Just click on Nina’s beautiful form on the sidebar if you want to go to there.

Those of you who are interested in my Animal Crossing adventures might like to know that Beardo moved into my new town. I got him from some people online. As you might recall he was in my original town that got corrupted when Nintendo was updating their eshop. The little asshole put his house right next to my fountain… So that’s about as landscaped as my town hall area is going to get, I guess. XD T^T

Nintendo will, by now, have officially closed their club service. I used the last of my points to get a game called twinbee, because I couldn’t work up enough to get anything better. Still, if platinum status means anything i’ll get whatever bonus they might give. I really hope they replace it with something better. Getting free stuff for buying games was a pretty sweet deal, even if their free stuff was kind of janky at various points.

Sadly, I found out today that my 3DS had broken its camera. Or rather my constant dropping of it broke it. I’ve dropped this 3DS more than all my Gameboys combined. It’s almost as slippery as an uncased iphone. By the time I upgrade this thing there won’t be much left to get out of it at this rate. It’s nice to have a cool Legend Of Zelda themed 3DS, but I’m really hoping that the new Fire Emblem game has a special 3DS. Because I’m going to do whatever it takes to get that one this time.

I would also accept Advance Wars, since we need a new AW game. Animal Crossing, which is unlikely. One Piece, if some Japanese exclusive gets released that has one.

That gets me to thinking… There hasn’t ever been a good Dragonball 3DS game. I can’t remember a single good DBZ portable game. Were there any?