1369 Bookish.


Thanks to you guys who offered up audio equipment advice. The loop thingy fixed the issues with the PC. The TV still has the static but someone said that just might be the nature of the device. Anyway, 50% success is still pretty good.

The Teen and I watched Wrestlemania tonight. In fact we’re still watching it. It’s okay so far. We aren’t watching the walking dead finale till tomorrow. So don’t spoil it, please. XD

I drew stuff for people who helped me out last year while viewing the show. Couldn’t find my regular markers though, so they are just in one color.

Teen corner hello inter web world miss me yet? Lol just kidding you haven’t missed much spring break wasn’t eventful school is boring and almost over I’m single again because the relationship just wasn’t working for me,I have prom April 25 which I’m excited for I have almost all A’s in school the play is May 1st I’m super nervous for it. I don’t wanna go back to school tomorrow but home is dramafied so school is preferred and Wrestlemania has been Goodyear can and my man orton both won so I’m happy for the most part but im irritated that sting post and there’s no sight of undertaker also butts butts butts love the teen hopefully you’ll hear from me regularly again