1237 Congo.


I always get Diane Fossey and Jane Goodall mixed up. Which is why this comic is called Congo and not John Goodall. I don’t suppose it really matters one way or the other to the average person. Their research has not had any strong bearing on my life. Not that I’m aware of anyway. Of course its nearly impossible to know the value of data as time moves forward. Research on apes may be quite important and I’m simply ignorant of it.

On another note, if you ever want to read a sad story, read about Diane Fossey. Her life ended tragically and, in my opinion, her will was not properly honored. I could be wrong about that as well. We can chalk that up to ignorance too if it comes to it.

The other day I started randomly looking up software for the WiiU. I tend to get games published cross platform on the 360, and to wait a long time to do that. I noticed, however, that third party games on the WiiU are a lot cheaper, even new. I assume because people hate the WiiU. I don’t hate the WiiU, and I don’t feel like I have to play Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag on the 360. Not that I intend to right now, but as an example. Anyway, I mention this because the Teen plays a lot of Call Of Duty: Black Opps 2: Zombies: Electric Boogaloo. Because of this I have developed a taste for ONLY this game mode. The problem is that CODBO2 is still popular and expensive on the 360… On the WiiU it was $10. So I ordered that shit.