1236 Cuddle Puddle.


There are a lot of rumors about the “Furry community” and they are all true. Mostly because, just like any supposed community, there isn’t just one community. Much like an ogre furries, as a group, have layers. That said, I’ve never actually met these squeaky clean furries who supposedly represent the best of the breed. They are all sickos as far as I can tell, just like every other human on the planet, and can’t be bothered to conceal it very well. At best, I suspect these pure as snow furries have an alt account someplace where they vent all their repressed perversion. For my part I like the ones who just put everything on front street. Of course your average furry doesn’t go out of their way to advertise their real identity either. They just do what they do behind whatever mask they chose, and the questionable security of the internet.

I certainly don’t feel like part of a furry community, but I don’t feel like part of this “webcomics community” I often hear about either. I’m pretty clearly making a comic, so maybe feeling alone is something in me. I only know one furry very well, but he’s about the most open person I’ve ever met about practically everything. He’s also helped me a lot over the years and given me work occasionally. In my head though he’s just a friend I have who likes a thing that has all this baggage associated with it.

At the end of the day I guess I’m just this kind of fringe furry. Not interested in having a fursona, or going to conventions, or whatever. I just like drawing girls and furries don’t give me a lot of crap for liking fat ones. Also there’s my ear fetish to consider. Big adorable ears are the best.