1325 Neil Before Me.


Unlike how many other characters might Maddison is not listing these faults out of malice. Hers is just a simple truth and perhaps a failure to understand how her words might affect others. Bridgette on the other hand is not without malice, but certainly not vengefulness. They are comfortable, for whatever reason, telling Neil where to get off as it were. Whether or not he deserves the treatment remains to be seen. I suspect he has earned this little scene in one way or another. Still, he obviously remains friends with these two in spite of these shortcomings, so it’s unlikely this is much more than normal friendly… drama.

Speaking of drama, I’ve been watching Downton Abbey. It’s filled with the stuff. British passive aggressiveness and dram as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear. I’ve switched from Top Gear to Downton Abbey for Teen putting to sleep times. They both have similar effects, but I haven’t seen Downton.

This Contrast game I purchased for the Teen is okay. I’m not real big on its type of puzzle solving, but I feel like it would benefit the Teen to hone her problem solving, and tactical skills. Unfortunately my role is that of crutch when things get difficult, which undercuts the benefits… Regardless the game is easily worth the $6 I got it for on sale. I almost purchased Tomb Raider for $10, but the sale ended before I had made up my mind and, essentially, made my mind up for me.

I made the mistake of wrapping a present for the Teen and placing it under the tree. The result has been subtle, and not so subtle, questions regarding said present. She won’t learn the secret of the box from me though. This holiday torture will last until the prescribed date arrives. AH AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Corner Teen

so I was laying in Jackie’s bed because its wayyyy better than mine and he was typing and I told him I claimed it as mine forever and that he should trade places with me for a day. id be him and stay at home and draw superior comics (not) and he could go to school and improve my grades, sounds fair right? I think he could pass for me I mean clearly I’m prettier but it could work XD just kidding. I really don’t feel to awesome tonight and I wanna sleep, I’ve barely gotten any sleep lately. I have finals coming up and another week of school before my Christmas break and I cant wait to sleep in, bake all the foods, open presents, bug Jackie etc. I’ve been playing my game contrast kind of a lot and its really fun but challenging to, it makes you think a little and Jackie claims that’s good for me. as Jackie mentioned there is a gift in a big box under the tree for me that says to: the teen from: Thomas Blackwell. I find this odd…and I’m guessing the box is filled with disappointment but I am dying to know what it is!!!! it will drive me crazy until I know what it is, I have begged Jackie to tell me what “Thomas” got me but no not even a hint. so unfair. I’m currently working on an art project that I had to pick a specific artist for and draw some of there art work so I chose Jackie and will be drawing some things from his comic once I’m done if you all want to see Jackie has agreed to post it so you all can see. not gonna lie his comic characters are harder to draw than I expected and he has had to help me fix a few things but I think their pretty close to the way Jackie draws them, although I don’t believe I’m doing carol and brooksie justice. Jackie stated in an earlier point that I don’t like comics but that is untrue, they aren’t my favorite I like novels better but I really like the new dead pool comics and I have read some of Jackie’s just not all of it because sometimes it confuses me a bit but I kind of know the basics. like I said I like books way more I could read a good novel all day long if you let me and sometimes I do. I currently love the author Katie Mcgarry I believe is her name even if I did spell it wrong. she write harlequin teen novels that are so good and hit me in the feels every time. I have my own personal library in my room but sometimes I trade my books for a good comic or some video games and drawing time, these are basically my life. so if you didn’t know that you learned something new about the teen. anyways its about time for bed and Jackie has already passed out so night peeps!