1324 Inside Story.


I certainly empathize with Neil. Although my outer beauty is as questionable as my inner beauty. XD

I don’t know if you guys do much shopping on Amazon, but I do quite a bit. I’ve noticed that there seems to be some company that makes cheap electronics, of questionable pedigree, that distributes to hundreds of nameless sellers on that site. I’ve never been able to track down where the stuff comes from, but the various listings are identical, apart from a few typos, or what have you. I’ve purchased some of these things and the quality varies wildly from item to item. The two tiny radio transmitters have worked quite well for the price, but the Bluetooth speaker I tried not so much. They have to be Asian knock offs I suppose, but it’s very difficult to actually track them to any place specifically. It’s not even important really, I just was thinking about it and tried to follow the stuff back to some sort of source and couldn’t find one. The items themselves rarely have any markings on them at all. On purpose, I shouldn’t wonder. Anyway, the site is kind of chocked with duplicate entries of items like that. I was thinking of it because I was looking for something interesting for gift giving this year. In the end I gave it up and the Teen dragged me to town where I forced her to manage my list. My cousins are obsessed with procreation, so every year my list gets longer.

I’ve dabbled in the writing of spine shivering tales again. If you want to take a look please follow this link: Aaron Is Dead.

Teen Corner.
topic of my day the best seasoning for foods? clearly laziness, food taste way better when others make it. me and Jackie just discussed this so I figured I would share it with you peeps. I am currently eating my late night dinner mac and cheese which tastes awesome because I didn’t have to cook it lol I might have a hot pocket to the teen is feeling very hungry. I don’t want to return to school because people suck I’d much rather sit at home and play games. speaking of Jackie bought me a new ps3 game called contrast and I played it for half the day pretty cool game but very weird to and a bit confusing. I am still a single pringle and I believe I’m going to be for awhile I know not all of you approve of the ex I’m looking to get back but he has a unique situation that he’s dealing with and the relationship plus my problems and his were to much for him which is why the break happened and you may not all understand but I get it, it just sucks…but fuck it I’m a teen live life to the fullest right? this month is rough for me but in honor of my dad I’m determined to make the best of it and have a great Christmas I hope the rest of my family will to. I’m having all kinds of ups and downs lately but I’m still smiling and staying strong like everyone should even if life does suck a bit. I’ve been wrapping presents constantly and I forced Jackie to do his Christmas shopping last night which was um fun I guess. I really have the urge to go kill zombie’s right now so think I’ll slip in a quick game of black ops 2 with Jackie before bed. teen out son!