1326 Don’t Do It.


Woe be it to he who touches the pizza.

I have run out of my favorite kind of shampoo again. It is remarkable how much something so simple can affect my mood. Well, maybe not remarkable. A person’s head is fairly important to most anyone, but still. I ran out a long while back and had been making due with whatever I could find, but then we found some of my favorite kind at a store one day. I dared to hope that it would be readily available again, but apparently that isn’t the case. As a result my head has broken out with varying degrees of sores, or what have you, depending on what random thing I try to use on it. It is causing me distress. If you asked any version of my younger self about how much time future me would spend looking over shampoo bottles he would call you insane. In fact he’d probably call you worse because, honestly, I was just a dickhead basically my whole life.

Long time readers of my ridiculousness will know this has long been a problem for me. I’m fairly certain I wrote about it the first time it happened, but apparently in the fast paced world of soaps you can’t just leave well enough alone. You have to forge into ever darker areas to discover just how many kinds of fruit you can make your shampoo smell like, or how much you can increase volume and shine. I want a shampoo that CLEANS MY FUCKING HAIR. That’s basically my only shampoo goal. I just want to feel clean. I need to wash away my sins and volumizer won’t do it. It just magnifies them. IT MAGNIFIES THEM!

Teen Corner

hello peeps I am a sick teen today. I finally caught whatever is going around my filthy school and I feel like crap, just what I wanted before Christmas break. my throat hurts a lot and I’m coughing and have a stuffy nose plus a tummy ache, awesome…not. school was boring as always I have a math, science and world history final that’s on Tuesday so that’s cool I’m supposed to study but I’ll probably just wing it lol I always do. Monday is my choir concert which I’m sure is going to be terrible but I get to wear a pretty dress so there’s an upside. I’m sure Jackie will tell you all about how awful it is. I really want soup, sprite and sleep right now. but I have some homework I should do at some point and I have to finish my art final so yeah no sleep just yet. my sister is coming to stay with me Saturday and I have to help her Christmas shop, if you knew my sister you’d know her and shopping for others don’t mix well…im sure it will be a joyous time. I’ll probably drag Jackie shopping with us so he has to endure the torture to also I feel he doesn’t get out into the real world enough so this is part of my plot to make him more social shhhh don’t tell him. Christmas is like 14 days away and that gift from Thomas Blackwell that’s under the tree is driving me completely insane! Christmas why you no come sooner!!!!???? goodnight world from the tired, sick and frustrated teen