477 Practical Romantic.


I certainly hope everyone had a nice 4th of July.  Assuming that said date is of importance to you, of course.  I got to see the local fireworks from pretty close up, which was nice.  Something usually happens to stop me from seeing fireworks.  It’s been going along like that for years.  This year it rained throughout the proceedings, but it didn’t manage to stop them.  Perhaps the streak is broken. 

Someone in the area had, apparently, decided to bathe in pimp juice.  An almost tangable wall of odor would waft by from time to time.  Taking my allergies into consideration this is no mean feat.   

I think the most interesting time the fourth was ruined was the year it did get rained out.  I was with my friend Nick.  He and I ended up riding out the storm in the parking lot of a school.  My logic being that kids rarely get lucky enough to have their school destroyed by a tornado. 

At one point he turned on the radio and Enrique Eglesias was singing.  I turned the radio off as I didn’t want to chance having his music being the last I heard. 

I may have told this story before.  I often forget what ones I have.  Interesting events in my life are finite, so I have to reuse material from time to time.  XD  Rest assured that I will muddle the facts as best I can each time.