478 Moldbreaker.


They had a game called N+ on super clearance at the store the other day.  The copy on the back assured me, in large friendly typeface, that I am a ninja. 

“Go on…”  I said. 

Run, jump, and wall slide in pursuit of the ninja’s ultimate goal; gold! 

“I love doing those things!” I replied.  “Also gold!”  So I picked it up.  It’s a wild game.  One of those pieces of simple genius that a person hopes they will think of at some point in their life.    Your goal is to get gold using superhuman jumping and clinging skills.  That’s it.  No plot.  Just a game that’s fun to play and easy to start and stop. 

It earned a place in my emergency travel cases in the first few moments. 

 Switching gears…

In Mario Kart DS the best rank you can get on any cup is triple star.  As far as I know anyway.  I’ve had that rank on every cup in the 150cc tracks, except banana, for quite some time.  So I decided I was going to attain 3 stars in the banana cup.  Just to have an arbitrary goal to strive for while waiting for stuff.  I needed something less intense than my Pokemon breeding program.  Anyway, I’ve been trying for at least two weeks.  In the bathroom, waiting in lines, while the computer saves files…  Early this morning I managed to do it.  I was playing as Luigi in Yoshi’s cucumber, not even really trying, just playing to distract myself.  Then I finished, and noticed that I got 3 stars.  No fanfare, no secret unlocked.  In that moment it became very clear to me that having a goal is sometimes much better than achieving one.  The quest is where the fun is.  XD