479 Blood Money.


First things first, I’ll be in Garden on the 14th, so the Tater can enjoy basking in the warmth of my friendly radiation.  Anyone else who wishes to bask is more than welcome to.  I will caper for your amusement.

 Nintendo sent me an email to tell me my incentive prize was on the way.  It will be here in 4 to 10 business days.  That’s a pretty impressive amount of leeway.  Especially considering the several days it took to process the transaction.  Honestly they could have just said “We’re Nintendo.  We’ll get it to you when we damn well feel like it.”  It doesn’t bother me either way.  At some future date I’ll have my mediocre award. 

That new Harry Potter movie should be out soon, if it’s not already.  I’ve seen all the others in the theatre, so I’ll probably try to see this one too. 

Thankfully the kids that like Potter stuff have all grown along with it, so I don’t feel so creepy if I go to a movie that skews much younger than I am.  Being the lone old guy at a kids movie is awkward.  As an animation enthusiast it’s something I’ve had to deal with pretty much since I was a teenager.  I like the new tendency for people to not grow out of things like they used to.  People older than me still play video games regularly.  Roleplaying games are no longer the domain of the young.  Guys I went to school with never gave up on Magic: The Gathering.  David Willis masturbates nightly to the Transformers wiki.  I think the world is slowly becoming populated with grown children.  Neverland is more than just the palatial estate of the departed king of pop.  Weather that’s good for the world is debatable, but it does make a trip to the cinema easier for me. 

Edit: Because the universe has a sense of humor my Club Nintendo prize showed up this very day. Here it is in all its glory.

The games play just like they would if they were in a game watch. Not all that entertaining, but it’s a neat little oddity for my collection.