480 Not Well.


Just a reminder, as I said on Friday, I’ll be in Garden on Tuesday.  Those affected should prepare themselves to tolerate my bullshit, though I expect you are already far tired of it. 

Having played my Game & Watch Collection a few times since I’ve had it I can say that It’s a lot more entertaining and challenging than I first expected.  Or maybe I just forgot how all or nothing the games of the past were.  Games were not kind in the before times.  You got 3 guys, or whatever, and hundreds of ways to screw up.  If you did manage to do well there was no ending to enjoy; just a high score that you had yo memorize and hope your friends believed was yours.  Unless you had an arcade machine handy that would save your high score till it got unplugged. 

I almost bought an old coin-op Donkey Kong cabinet years ago.  It was in good shape for the most part.  The screen would have had to have been replaced, but the cabinet was mostly intact.  Of course my mother would have done complete murder on me had I shown up, after a trip to Lawrence, with an arcade machine in the back of my truck. 

Honestly I don’t particularly like old arcade games.  If I ever got one it would end up as little more than decoration.  I like the old style of the cabinet art though.  Images of colorful and happy beings killing one another with lasers.  Were I crazy successful I would totally have an arcade room.  Of course I’d also have a room made of Lego, so clearly I don’t have money for a reason. 

It’s not like you can’t get all those games.  Lots of them are on download services, but without an arcade cabinet much of the novelty is lost.  Pinball games are a noteable exception.  Even the old NES pinball game is still fun to play for long stretches.  On the rare occasions that I end up at an arcade pinball machines are about the only things I’ll feed money into. 

I’m often dissapointed in the translations of pinball games to consoles or handhelds.  The one company that has consistantly produced pinbal games I love is the one who made the Pokemon ones, and Metroid Prime Pinball. 

I’ve gone from Game & Watch to pinball somehow… 

Tetris is cool too.