1011 He And Me.


Hmmm… I haven’t got much to report at the moment. I’ve been kind of stuck doing things that don’t lend themselves to interesting blog posts.

Here’s something I was thinking about, I know tons of pinup model’s names. Like, from when I was a teenager on. I know that they aren’t their given names, but I can identify them as performers, or whatever. I’ve never been into the “watch people have sex” porn stuff, but I expect it must be the same kind of deal. Here’s the thing though, I can’t name but one dude. Maybe two if it came to me in a random memory. Is there a gender difference in this kind of thing? Do girls know the stage names of dudes they like? Do they go to forums to talk about their pecs, or whatever it is girls like about men physically? What about gay dudes. do they have perferred performers? Is there crossover? Is there crossover with lesbians and hetero dudes? Feel free to answer any of these questions if they apply to you.

Guys seem to kind of parse things out by body parts. Like forums are dedicated to whatever part a group is fixated on the most. Or at least there are threads dedicated to breaking it down by parts if the forum is a general one. Now that I think about it, I wonder if there is a forum dedicated to girls with big ears… I bet there is. I know what I’m doing tonight.

Anyway, I’m wondering if girls break their porn down by body part, or what. How does this work? It seems like there is probably some chemical differences between lesbians, gays, or whatever too. I mean, it’s kind of like a boy brain in a gril body, so the chemistry must have some kind of mixed around combination of girl and boy feels.

Also, Lesbian is a girl that likes girls, but they are also gay and homosexual. A gay man is also gay, obviously, and homosexual, but what is the special word for him? No one ever uses it. Does one exist? I wonder if it’s on wikipedia… I’ll be right back.

Okay, apparently there is no such word. At least not one that isn’t also an insult. Someone needs to get on that. Our finest wordsmiths should be called to rectify this oversight.

Anyway, that should be enough to keep you busy answering my questions. Feel free to ask me questions, or the cast, on Tumblr because it is much easier to keep track of them there. You can ask them here too, but try not to be hurt if I miss them. Every so often one gets past me if I can’t keep track of the site for a couple of days or whatever. There’s a link there up top in the link bar. Also, if you don’t use tumblr I think you can ask anonymously. Feel free to identify yourself with the username you use here just so I know sort of who you are.