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Even when he’s almost being kind his motives are a little self serving.

It’s funny, all weekend I basically watched the Nazi discussion going on without contributing. The funny thing about it is that it kind of proves my point in that practically everyone is an expert on Nazis in their own minds. In the US our History Channel evolved into basically a continuous documentation of Nazis before switching to ghosts and pseudo science almost exclusively. I suspect that the average American could tell you almost anything about the Nazis, Area 51, and the most haunted locations in the world, but not pass a basic history test. Those other subjects are interesting and often horrific, which sears them into your mind, whereas the signing of the declaration of independence is way harder to present in an exhilarating way. Which is kind of unfortunate because it’s very interesting if you look past the names and dates and into other aspects of the document and how it came to be. Although more so the constitution than the declaration. The US constitution is one of the most weasel worded documents in existence, which is what makes it work. It has to be everything to everyone, so it’s often vague, and written in that legal style that is intentionally hard to pin down. It’s written to evolve with the people who agree to live by it. When people argue about what the founding fathers intended they’re kind of missing the point of the document. It’s set up so we can change it to suit us without having to tear down the framework constantly. I suspect that most of the people involved didn’t think it would last as long as it has. Several of them said as much. But it works really well. On balance people like how it’s set up because we can tinker with it and it doesn’t require a full scale war every two decades. The civil war pretty much got all the bullshit out of our system and we’ve been doing okay ever since comparatively. Hopefully things will continue on like this for a long time to come. I don’t think most Americans have a concept of how good we have it compared to someplace like Syria. In addition to that our legal system is better, in a few key ways, than England’s or even Australia’s. Although I feel like some of those points may get addressed before long since the loopholes are being abused to aggressively now.
Anyway the long and short of all of that is it’s hard to make history interesting, but Nazi’s are stylishly evil and people remember that shit. We barely blink at atrocities along similar lines because the people doing them aren’t slick bastards with a savvy PR department. At this point the best we get is a thug in a suit like Putin, and Assad, or a fucking cartoon like Kim Jong-un. I’m guessing that Trump or Clinton will be a cartoon in a suit/pantsuit. We had eight years of a cool young president so now it’s back to the more or less status quo.