1599 Zero To Hitler.


I actually intended to cut away from these two, but thought of this scene and decided to do it. As we all know any discussion on the internet goes from zero to Hitler at the speed of light as soon as contradicting viewpoints collide. We’ve really watered down the impact of Nazism from the constant hyperbolic use of them over time. When I was a kid it was still something you didn’t do flippantly, but as the years rolled on it became more and more common. I’m not sure when it finally went from a genuine insult to a joke, but once we started comparing people who like following the rules of grammar and spelling to a political party whose genocidal tendencies led to the murders of scores of people it was kind of over.
The Nazis impact on world culture is truly staggering if viewed in a wide arc. They are the villains in so many films, and in just as many they are the template for the villains. The newest star wars took the obvious parallels to a point that borders on lazy. They have become the ultimate bogeymen by being evil with style. So much so that we practically venerate them as much as we do the heroes of our tales.
Part of what makes them good antagonists is that like all the best ones they think they are the good guys. They believed they were right to varying degrees, but all enough to bring conflict to half of the world. We3′re all so inundated in the lore of it that the impact of that scale of conflict is essentially lost on us.
Then again maybe it isn’t really… Few are left who lived through those times, but people are still afraid of it deep down. Like the fear has been etched into the collective soul of humanity. We fear unified, well tailored, evil instinctively now. At the slightest remembrance of it we shout its name and point.