476 Sex Pistols.


Damnit all to hell.  The internet ate my post.

I’m not retreading that ground.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about what I was writing about anyway.  Let’s talk about superficial things instead. 

The other day I signed up for Nintendo’s product registration service.  It doesn’t get you much apart from extensions to warranties, but if you register stuff you do get “coins”, which can be traded for “prizes”.  The prizes, as is to be expected, are pretty lame.  Playing cards and that sort of thing, but they are free somethings, which I’m all for. 

Now, I keep all the insides to every game I buy, so I have the pin numbers for product going back years and years.  One evening I gathered every Nintendo game and system I have up and got the numbers from their packaging.  Going back at least 3 years, maybe more, I’m not sure.  At the end of it all I had 750 some odd coins.  Just shy of the topmost prize.  I figured it was only a matter of time before I got another Nintendo product, so I decided to wait them out. 

Time passes and I get an email from Nintendo saying that people who achieve platinum member status will get a special prize, so I go to the site to check it out.  They hadn’t revealed it yet, but there were polls available to fill out for nearly every game I’d registered, with 10 coins as an incentive for completing each.  By the time I was finished I had 910, or so, points.  More than enough to trade in for the topmost prize.  A DS game pak with 3 Game & Watch titles on it.  Now, a DS cartridge should be able to hold every Game & watch title ever made by my estimation, but we’ll leave that argument for another day.  The long and the short of it is I get an exclusive game and I didn’t have to pay for it, which is cool.  On some level anyway… 

The thing of it all is that it took me several years worth of product to get enough coins to trade for that game.  So I’ll probably never have enough for anything cool for years to come.  Which is fine, I suppose.  Only one thing was worth shooting for anyway, and I got it.  Now I have exrta coins though.  Not enough to trade for anything.  So they sit, in limbo, waiting for me to buy more Nintendo product.  They may be waiting for quite some time… 

It bugs me.  Like having 200 points in my Wii download shop.  You can’t get anything for 200 points.  You have to add points then try and work your way to zero via the lowest common denominator for several things.  It’s crafty.  It took me months to get my account to zero the last time I got a Wii card.  They need to add more options for card amounts.  Or I need to quite being so obsessive.  We’ll see who gives first!