475 Tragic Magic.


My music quest finally produced results I can tolerate.  It’s unlikely I’ll ever know the true origin of the “Oriental Riff”, as I’ve heard it called, but I heard it in an old black & white film the other night, so my findings bear out sources on Wikipedia. 

I’ve also heard many songs that represent other places.  One thing I noticed that a lot of places don’t have national anthems that reflect their musical heritage.  In fact it seems like the ones that do are the exception.  These findings are superficial at best.  My guess is that as Europeans wandered around the world taking other people’s shit they left behind anthems to let people know they were there.  Or maybe the leaders of some countries just felt that a national anthem needed to be a march.  I’m sure you could spend a lifetime researching something like that.  Unfortunately I don’t have that kind of time, but I remain interested.