1806 Plalacial.


What in the world have I been doing? I guess I drew patreon stuff yesterday. Today I went to the store and then colored this page. It seems like it took a really long time for some reason. Doesn’t make for very interesting blogging though. Oh that’s right, I was trying to find a decent place to buy replacement parts for my Surface pen. You pretty much have to go directly to Microsoft because people on every other site are trying to rip people off. It’s $20 for 3 pen nibs. You can’t just buy the kind you like either. Anyway, I bought two sets in case they quit making them. I can get a decade of use out of three nibs unless I accidentally stick one in a fan like I did the other day.

I don’t know what makes the Microsoft ones special, but the old Cintique ones I had don’t work even though they look really similar. I was going to look up how they work, but I didn’t because I was going to draw moar. I saw in passing that they are magnetic, but that seem like it might be fake.